Why did you build muchopoints?

The idea for muchopoints was born out of pure necessity: in addition to provide an effective, user-friendly hotel search website, the goal was for the end users to maximize their weekly points earned by participating on different hotel reward programs.

How muchopoints maximize my points and help?

When you're searching for your next hotel, muchopoints will help you to identify the hotels that can earn you free nights at your dream vacation faster.

Our smart algorithms take many factors into consideration - starting from your status with different hotel chains, if you use their branded credit cards to get additional bonus points, or current promotions.

So in the end, we don't only help you to maximize your points within one hotel chain - but we help you to get to your dream vacation faster.

How does muchopoints give me the best value for my money?

With muchopoints, you can choose where to put your hotel spending based on what gives you the best return for your money!

Instead of having to compare across multiple hotel sites, muchopoints brings together several decision-making factors for each hotel and displays them in a clear way:

  • price per night (converted to your currency)
  • distance to your desired location
  • points you can potentially earn with a stay (taking all bonuses and promotions into account)
  • how many free nights at your dream destination these points would translate into

Which hotel chains are currently supported? Do you plan to add more chains?

At this time, muchopoints supports 7 of the largest hotel chains world-wide (for a total of nearly 30,000 hotels):

  • Accor Hotels
  • Best Western Hotels
  • Choice Hotels
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • Intercontinental Hotels Group
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Starwood Hotels & Resorts

We are currently considering to add more hotel chains in the near future.

How can I get in touch if I have feedback or ideas how to improve muchopoints?

For contact information or to send us a message, please see our Contact page. We will respond to your questions or comments, usually within 3 business days.

We also appreciate any feedback and suggestions through our social media channels on Facebook,Twitter and Flyertalk.

Is muchopoints really free?

Yes, absolutely!

Born out of necessity, muchopoints was developed by some guys who have been travelling over the last 15 years. We want to provide a valuable tool to all the road warriors and point addicts out there. There is no cost whatsoever in joining or using muchopoints to find the best hotel - and for all transactions, you're paying the hotel directly.


Your Account

Do I need to sign up to use muchopoints?

Although not necessary to use muchopoints, a lot of the value from muchopoints comes from customizing your profile.

When you sign up for a free account, you'll be able to provide details for each hotel loyalty program you participate in (for example, if you qualify for additional bonuses when staying at Hilton hotels because you use a Hilton-branded credit card).

These details are then factored into our calculations when we determine how many points you can earn with the different hotels.

How do I sign up for muchopoints? Is there a cost?

Creating your own muchpoints account is very easy - simply click on the SIGN UP button at the upper right part of your screen. After entering your e-mail address and a password, you'll have the opportunity to customize your profile by entering details for each hotel loyalty program you participate in.

Being a member at muchopoints is completely free. There are no one-time fees, no monthly fees and we don't have plans to charge our members in the future.

After I signed up, how easy is it to customize my profile?

It will take you less than a minute!

After signing up for a free account, just start by plugging in your hotel loyalty program information including current status, points earning options and whether or not you have a branded credit card with that hotel chain. Afterwards, these details are factored into all your hotel searches.

What do you do with the information I provide?

The only purpose of the details you provide in your profile (i.e., your status with the different chains, whether you use a hotel-branded credit card, or whether you normally take bonus points as an arrival gift) is to accurately calculate the number of points and free nights you can earn for your paid stays.

We don't share any of your personal information - neither with the hotels that appear during your search, nor with anybody else. We take privacy very seriously and invite you to review our Privacy Policy for more details.


Hotel Reservations

Can I make my hotel reservations directly through muchopoints?

No, because muchopoints is not a travel agency or hotel booking engine.

Instead, muchopoints helps you to identify the best hotel offer depending on a variety of factors. When you're ready to book a specific hotel, muchopoints can forward you to the hotel website where you'll be able to finalize the booking.

How do I modify or cancel a hotel reservation made through muchopoints?

It's important to note that muchopoints is not a travel agency, but a tool to identify the best hotel offers for your needs. Consequently, once you have identified a specific hotel through muchopoints, you will be taken directly to the hotel's website to finalize your booking.

As soon as you've made your reservation, you'll receive an e-mail from the hotel with detailed instructions on how to modify or cancel your booking. The e-mail also contains important information on actual costs and additional fees as well as the hotel's cancellation policies.

If you've misplaced or never received a confirmation e-mail for your booking, we suggest reaching our directly to the Customer Service of the specific hotel chain:

When I'm about to finalize my booking, the price displayed on the hotel website is different from the one on muchopoints. Which one is the correct rate?

Occasionally, it may happen that - after the hotels are displayed on muchopoints and before you're taken to the hotel website to finalize your reservation - available rooms are selling out or booked rooms are cancelled and become available again. This may lead to a price or availability difference between muchopoints and the hotel website.

While we at muchopoints are doing our best to ensure the information displayed is accurate, each hotel is ultimately responsible for displaying correct prices and availability. This means that the price displayed on the hotel website is the final price you're expecting to pay (even if it's lower or higher than on muchopoints).

If you keep seeing different rates for a specific hotel or hotel chain, please reach out and contact us. We'll be happy to look into it.

Why can I not find the prices displayed on muchopoints on the hotel website?

The prices per night we show on muchopoints are typically averages over the entire date period you selected. Also, please note that many hotels offer several rates for the same room (some including additional extras, such as breakfast, parking, free cancellation etc.). In this sense, the prices displayed on muchopoints can be seen as 'bare minimum' rates, unless otherwise noted.

Please bear in mind that different rates may come with different restrictions when it comes to modifying or cancelling reservations. Once you're about to finalize your reservation and are redirected to the hotel website, please carefully study the terms and conditions of the rate you're about to book.

If you keep seeing incorrect rates for a specific hotel or hotel chain, please reach out and contact us. We'll be happy to look into it.

Are the rates displayed on muchopoints flexible/refundable? Do they allow free cancellation or changes?

At muchopoints, we typically display the lowest possible rate for a specific hotel, on a specific range of dates. While each hotel is responsible for designing the different rates themselves, their lowest rates usually do not offer free cancellations. Some of them are advanced purchase rates for which a full prepayment is required.

However, almost all hotels allow you to upgrade to a less restrictive rate for a small charge, should your plans require it. Once you're redirected to the hotel website, please make sure you review the different rates as well as their restrictions.

If you're unsure about the terms and/or restrictions of a certain room rate, we recommend contacting the specific hotel (or hotel chain) directly prior to booking.


Earning Points

Will I receive points and elite nights for my bookings made through muchopoints?

muchopoints is not a travel agency but rather a tool to help you identify the best hotel offers.

Consequently, you will be taken directly to the hotel to finalize a booking. For all hotel chains muchopoints supports, stays booked directly through the hotel's website are eligible for earning points as well as elite nights (i.e. nights counting towards elite status with a particular hotel chain) according to the terms of their respective loyalty programs.

The number of points I've received for a hotel stay differs from the number that was displayed on muchopoints - what can I do?

While every effort is made to provide accurate information on muchopoints, the estimated number of points that can be earned with a particular stay are meant to be a guidance based on the information provided by both the hotel chain and the user. The actual points that a certain hotel awards you with for staying there depends on a number of factors, such as (but not limited to):

  • actual room rate paid
  • foreign exchange rates
  • member elite status
  • on-going promotions
  • hotel-branded credit cards

However, if the estimated number of points shown on muchopoints has differed significantly from what you eventually earned, please feel free and contact us. We'll be happy to look into it for you.